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Why Tulsi Gabbard is Campaigning for MAGA Republicans

What does the beautiful former congresswoman from Hawaii have in common with Donald Trump? More than you’d think. They both know how to connect with the emotions of working class people — people who feel abandoned by establishment politicians. They both are masters of social media and know how to harness the power of popularity to their advantage. In many ways, Tulsi Gabbard is following a similar path to becoming president as Donald Trump did in 2016. Let me explain.

I spent the week watching the new Tulsi Gabbard Show on YouTube. I’ve also been watching her campaign for Republican candidates like Kari Lake. She might seem like an unlikely Republican frontrunner, but I am not the only one connecting the dots. She has been described by some as the “dark horse” of the Republican party. She’s smart and using many of the same tactics as Trump to get media attention. She recently left the Democratic party calling their leadership an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.”

While not everyone is watching her, she is quietly gaining support. One of my favorite quotes from Donald Trump is his statement, “it’s good to be underestimated.” This is precisely how Trump was able to win over the Republican party. Tulsi knows that Trump’s base will be crucial for any conservative candidate for at least the next two election cycles. Gaining their support is a smart move on her part.

She’s not only trying to appeal to MAGA Republicans, she is also trying to garner the support of libertarians. While she is not a libertarian, many libertarians, including Ron Paul, like her because of her antiwar sentiment and support for civil liberties. She does not align with Republicans or Libertarians on economic policies or gun control, which will be a problem for her. However, she seems to be reconsidering many of her political positions now that she has left the Democratic party.

Whether you like Trump or not, the fact is, Republicans do. And Republicans aren’t the only ones who like him. There are a lot of reasons to like Donald Trump, even if you don’t like his personality. The fact that the media has completely silenced him has only added to his popularity. 

While it might not make sense to everyone, Tulsi Gabbard sees the problems with the “anyone but Trump” group, and is capitalizing on this. She is absolutely right. Trump and his supporters are being silenced.

Many Republican voters are trying to figure out their next steps, which will largely depend on whether or not Trump runs again. While some Republicans are trying to regain control of the Republican party from Trump loyalists, most Republicans want to address the problems that have gotten us here. They feel Trump and those who align with him offer the best solutions.

It seems obvious that Tulsi plans to run for president again. Her campaigning for Republicans, and her efforts to win over centrists and libertarians indicate this. While she appears to be supporting Trump, this feels more like a political maneuver than an authentic endorsement.

She is not a Republican. She is not a Libertarian, but she is an independent. This is something that may give her an advantage. Depending on the events of the next two years, she may be able to play her cards in a way that will help her win.

Will Tulsi Gabbard run for president?

She definitely has her eye on a presidential run. She is courting Republicans right now, and many speculate that she will join the Republican party. I don’t believe she has decided what her next move is. I think she is marketing to MAGA Republicans, Libertarians and independents because she sees an opportunity.

There are a ton of scenarios that could play out over the next year or two. Much of what happens in the Republican party will depend on what Trump does. If he runs, this could give Tulsi an opportunity with libertarian-leaning Republicans. Plus, many libertarians including Ron Paul like Tulsi Gabbard.

Right now nobody’s really talking about her. She left the Democratic Party and that earned her some media attention. The Democrats never really liked her anyway. She’s attempting to win over MAGA Republicans and Libertarians, but will they accept her? I don’t think so. 

She is not a Republican. But, she is also not a Democrat or Libertarian. Because of this, she will not get the full support of any of these three parties. But, that doesn’t mean she won’t get the support of voters. I suspect she will market herself to Republicans, Libertarians and independents for a while. This will keep curious voters interested in her who may follow her just to see what she will do next. This may give her an opportunity to solidify her fan base before she decides on a party. 

The next election could be the year of the third party candidate. People are tired of party politics. Her unique mixture of political views may appeal to centrists. If getting us out of war, putting America first, and fixing the issues with our civil liberties becomes a priority, this could give her an advantage.

Right now, everyone is focused on the economy. But, a potential nuclear war is also lingering in the back of people’s minds. While most do not think the threat is imminent. The dynamics are right for things to escalate, both in the Ukraine and in China. If these two issues start to dominate the media, Tulsi Gabbard could become more relevant.

The bright, articulate, and attractive congresswoman has a solid opportunity as a presidential candidate in 2024. Although I don’t think she will run as a Libertarian presidential candidate, I think that there is a possibility. But, before she settles on a new political home she’s going to try to attract any potential voters, and see which party will be her best bet for 2024.

Why people like Tulsi Gabbard

People like her because she appears to be authentic and sincere. She’s a charasmatic public speaker, something we haven’t seen in a while. And, let’s face it, she’s charming. The lady is excellent at marketing herself as well. She is the only one who seems to understand that Twitter and Facebook aren’t the best place to win over younger voters. 

I believe that she has an agenda and you can see it by watching her YouTube channel. She’s dramatic when expressing her concerns about a nuclear holocaust. She blames Joe Biden for all of the issues in Ukraine, while completely dismissing the role Russia has played. She has also been strongly defending Donald Trump in her videos and on the campaign trail with MAGA Republicans.

What I see in Tulsi Gabbard, is an intelligent woman that knows a lot about marketing. She is using her YouTube channel strategically to educate and bring in younger voters. YouTube is the most used social media platform for young adults – the ones with the energy and enthusiasm to help her win. Millennials are also the voters who may decide the next election. 

The American people have had enough of politicians and political parties. This could be the beginning of the end of the two-party system. Tulsi Gabbard could be a serious contender in the presidential election because she shares views from each political party. 

Democrats like her because she supports things like universal healthcare and free college. Republicans like her because she defends Donald Trump and criticizes the far-left. Libertarians may support her too. This could make her our very first woman and homeschooled president. While she is certainly not a Libertarian, she does understand that the government is too big and too powerful.

Why Tulsi Gabbard is selling herself to MAGA Republicans and small l libertarians

Tulsi has been out campaigning for some of Trump’s biggest supporters including “election denier” Kari Lake. She is also campaigning for other Republicans like Utah Senator Mike Lee and Blake Masters who is running in Arizona’s senate race. Many think she is doing this to earn Republicans’ respect and their vote in 2024, but will she become a Republican? That is what many are speculating.

But, she’s also working hard to win over Libertarians. Some people believe Libertarians cost Trump the election. In close races and swing states where Biden won by a small margin, the libertarian vote may have been the difference between Trump winning or losing. This makes Libertarians a more important voter block than people might think.

I don’t think Trump will be able to win as a Republican candidate for president in 2024. As much as Republicans love Trump, I think that most know that him winning in 2024 will be difficult. Although I do believe many Republicans in the party like Trump, they’re also afraid of him. They’re careful not to criticize him too much because they want to keep their offices.

I think Tulsi is aware that many Republicans are unhappy right now. I believe she is genuinely fed up with the Democratic party, but she is also taking advantage of the situation. She is campaigning for Republicans right now to get media attention and to build trust with Republicans. Aside from that, I think she sees what many of us see, that conservatives are being censored and silenced in the mainstream media.

Will Tulsi Gabbard Run for President as a Republican?

I honestly think Tusli knows that she won’t win the Republican nomination. She supports too many progressive agendas. Republicans may appreciate her willingness to call out Democrats, but I don’t think she will ever be seen as a Republican because of her socialist economic views (although her political views are changing day by day). 

Moreover, Ron Desantis is growing in popularity with Republicans. He’s not a recent convert to the Republican party and his political views are more consistent with Republican voters.

While I believe she could win over disgruntled Trump supporters if Trump decides not to run, I do not think she could win a Republican primary. That being said, the 2024 election may be the most exciting election we’ve had in my lifetime. If she does throw her name out there, she may get support from Republicans and libertarian-leaning Republicans, as well as Democrats who are as fed up with the far left agenda as she is. 

Will She Run as a Libertarian or Independent?

Some people have called Tulsi Gabbard the most libertarian Democrat in the Democratic Party. The Democrats think she is a Democrat in Name Only and I can see why. As I have listened to her more and more, she doesn’t sound like a Democrat at all. But, she is also not libertarian at all.

Although I think it’s unlikely, I think she might be considering running on the Libertarian ticket. In the past, Libertarian party members have been interested in her and even urged her to join the party. Although some libertarians are fond of her, her views on gun control, socialized housing, free college, and Medicare for All will keep her from receiving widespread support from libertarians.

There is a case for Tulsi to run as a Libertarian though. She is in favor of civil liberties, including repealing the Patriot Act, which most Libertarians agree with her on. She also frequently talks about her concerns about our government’s use of the Espionage Act. She believes in freedom of speech and that parents should have more control over their children’s education. These are all issues that are important to Libertarians.

She also appeals to some libertarians and Republicans because of her views on “woke” ideology. The anti-woke movement is a hot topic in Libertarian and Republican circles. The backlash against progressives is growing, as Americans are fed up with the push to redefine what a woman is. If she can capitalize on this culture war, it could bring her support from Democrats who also dislike this progressive push, as well as some libertarians and independents.

She is not a libertarian when it comes to the economy, but she understands that the government is too big. She also sees the problem with our banking system. She introduced the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act with Tennessee Republican Mark Green, which aims to add transparency to the Federal Reserve. While not as bold of a move as ending the Federal Reserve, it is a step in reigning in the Fed’s power.

I can’t see her winning the Libertarian nomination. The Libertarian Party’s Mises Caucus is eyeing Dave Smith, and principled libertarians will not support her because she is not a libertarian. This leaves her in a situation where she probably won’t get the full-support from any of the three biggest political parties. But, with enough popularity she could pull in the support necessary to run as an Independent or in either the Republican or Libertarian Party. I suspect she will wait to see which party makes more sense. 

Will Tulsi Gabbard Become the next Donald Trump?

I believe it’s a strong possibility. She’s following Donald Trump’s strategy. She’s appealing to the average American voter and not the establishment voters.She doesn’t bow down to leadership and criticizes the government for many of the same reasons Donald Trump does. 

Both Trump and Gabbard are criticizing Joe Biden for escalating the situation in Ukraine and say that Joe Biden is pushing us into World War 3. Both suggest that we are coming dangerously close to a nuclear war. With everything that has taken place over the last few years, nobody in the country has been able to let down their guard. 

While most people are focused entirely on the economy, which is definitely a concern for many voters, Tulsi Gabbard is speaking about the real possiblity that we are heading into World War 3. Take a look at how similar Tulsi and Trump’s talking points are.

Donald Trump says World War 3 is a potential because of “stupid people who don’t have a clue”. Tulsi Gabbard believes World War 3 is a possiblity as well. This was the first video marketing from her YouTube channel. You can watch her video here to see how closely she and Trump align when it comes to criticism of how President Biden and the Democrats are handling the situation in Ukraine.

With Donald Trump being silenced on every social media platform but his own, Tulsi Gabbard has not been banned, filtered or censored. (Although it looks like he’ll be back on Twitter soon.) Tulsi is saying many of the same things Trump is saying, but because she hasn’t been neutralized, she stands a chance of getting her message past the mainstream media filter. 

Additionally, she is smart like Donald Trump was when it comes to utilizing social media. Her choice to spread her message on YouTube was strategic and smart. This is where millennials can be found, and who I believe will be her base. The same people who fell in love with Trump because of his anti-establishment approach, may fall in love with Tulsi, especially now that she is campaigning for Trump-supporting candidates.

She also has a strong chance of winning over millennials because she is one herself. She understands their unique issues and doesn’t turn off younger voters the way many boomers do. Her progressive views on healthcare and education could help her reach this voter block. Many young people tend to be more progressive than their predecessors.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem like anyone in the media is paying a lot of attention to her, which may actually help her. She is building a base on her YouTube channel, which I think will be more important in the next election than people think. 

I believe that in 2024, YouTube will play a bigger role than Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform. It is the most used social media platform by Millennials and younger voters.This may be the year that Millennials outvote the boomer generation. I think Tulsi Gabbard is aware of this and may be the smartest of the crop of potential presidential candidates.

With her charm, personality, and good looks, I think she could sneak in as a serious contender in 2024 using a similar strategy as Trump. She is attracting a following and getting people to like her right now. This is smart for her and her growing number of supporters. She’s effectively using the same approach Trump did, but with more polish. We’ll see if it works.

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