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Three Former Libertarian Party State Affiliates Form New Political Party

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On December 3, 2022, three former Libertarian Party state affiliates released a press release announcing that they were forming a new political party, the Association of Liberty State Parties (ALSP).

The party described its mission to provide a “national home of autonomous state political parties furthering the agenda of free people and limited government.”  The party is still in its infancy and has yet to release many details. The ALSP has provided a map on its website that highlights the three founding state affiliates: New Mexico, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

The Libertarian Party has been riddled with problems since the Mises takeover in May. After disagreements with National Party leadership, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts split into two factions.  The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts voted to disaffiliate from the National Party on June 5, 2022.

On August 25, 2022, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico posted a statement on its website and social media, declaring the Libertarian Party of New Mexico’s independence from the LNC (Libertarian National Committee).  

In a letter addressed to the LNC Chair, Angela Mcardle, Chris Luchini wrote, “To make the point perfectly clear: LPNM is no longer an affiliate of the LNC, just like we are not affiliated with the Republican, Democratic, Green, or any other party’s national committee. LPNM and LNC are no longer, in any sense, part of the same political party.”

The Virginia state affiliate voted to dissolve itself the following month, citing similar reasons as the New Mexico and Massachusetts affiliates. 

The three disaffiliated state affiliates have announced they are forming their own political party that is no longer attached to the Libertarian Party.  In a letter posted on the Libertarian Party of New Mexico’s Facebook page, ALSP leaders outlined their plan for the new party.  

“The ALSP will enable cooperation between our state parties and the coordination of a national electoral strategy,” the statement said. “Through participation in the democratic process, we will advance our agenda of free people and limited government.”

The new Association of Liberty State Parties will be expanding into additional states and organizing a national convention to nominate President and Vice President candidates.  
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