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Is it Time for a Free-Range Parenting Bill in Michigan?

Is it Time for a Free Range Parenting Bill in Michigan? Utah recently became the first state in the country to pass a law legalizing “free-range parenting.” The bill amends the definition of neglect to say that it is not considered neglect for a parent to allow their child to walk to or from school,

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Should Co-Sleeping be Illegal in Michigan?

Should Co-Sleeping Be Illegal In Michigan? According to Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, “a baby dies every three days in Michigan and these deaths are 100% preventable. “These are totally healthy babies that die because they’re placed either on their stomachs, or they’re sharing a bed with somebody, or they’re sleeping on a

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Pharmaceutical Parenting: Parental Rights vs Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical Parenting: Parental Rights vs Big Pharma Whenever I talk to parents about school safety and concerns about gun violence, a discussion always comes up on how things were different when we were kids, and what things were different. What was different? Lots of things. But one of them was that parents parented their children

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