New Mexico LIbertarians, Let's Unite!

We are the only Party that can make a difference!

New Mexico is the most Libertarian state in the country!

New Mexico Libertarians, let’s unite the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. New Mexico is incredibly proud to be the home of Gary Johnson, the most successful candidate in the history of the Libertarian Party. We are the most Libertarian state in the nation!

New Mexico Libertarians deserve a better, stronger, and more united Libertarian Party. This is a grassroots movement of dedicated Libertarians that want to see the end of the faction war in the New Mexico Libertarian Party. 

I want to inspire New Mexicans to join the liberty movement and help us create a political party that WINS elections. Both are possible with a winning strategy and people who are committed to building trust, enthusiasm, excellent messaging, and grassroots campaigning.

We want and need your help. If you would like to be part of a group of Libertarians that are committed to the long-term growth of the Libertarian Party, join us. I am looking for Libertarians like us to bring the New Mexico
Libertarian Party together in one united force. The aim is for honesty and transparency where all Libertarians are welcome!

We're building trust, momentum, and a stronger, better, united New Mexico Libertarian Party.

Calling All New Mexico Libertarians to join us!

Currently, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico is divided. The former Libertarian Party of New Mexico has disaffiliated with National Libertarian Party and formed a new political party, the Association of Liberty States.

A new state affiliate has also recently been formed – the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico. This has led to a lot of confusion amongst Libertarians who don’t know which party to join, or which party is the actual Libertarian Party.

We hope to be a home for everyone and unite the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. We deserve better. We deserve a political party that has transparency, fair elections, and a place where everyone feels welcome. We need your help uniting New Mexico Libertarians!

If you are committed to the philosophy of “live and let live”, and believe in common sense and smaller government, we hope you will join us.

Join US!

New Mexico Libertarians are looking for leadership and a foundation built on trust and transparency. Get involved by joining us.

Fill out the form below and join my email list. I will keep you in the loop of events and activities for Libertarians in New Mexico.  We want your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your help building unity in the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. 

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Don't lose Faith in the power of grassroots Libertarianism

The Libertarian Party has made too much progress here in New Mexico to give up now. The Libertarian Party has achieved Major Party status here in New Mexico, a feat very few states in the Libertarian Party have accomplished. We refuse to let anything stand in the way of growing the Libertarian Party here in New Mexico. We need your help!

We are a group of motivated Libertarians that want to change the atmosphere here in New Mexico through cooperation, transparency, and honesty. Join us today to unite New Mexico Libertarians!

Libertarians can make a difference in New Mexico! Let's UNITE!

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