Libertarian Patty Malowney Challenges Republican Tommy Brann on Key Issues to Voters in District 77 House Race


Libertarian Patty Malowney Challenges Republican Tommy Brann on Key Issues to Voters in District 77 House Race

WYOMING, Michigan – Patty Malowney, candidate for state representative, sets herself apart from Republican Tommy Brann on important issues to voters, including her pledge to not raise taxes and her support of Proposal 1.

The single mom says, “Democrats have no representation in this race. The Democrat is not knocking on doors, not fund-raising and has been a no-show for debates.” Malowney also states that she has has major differences with the Republican candidate Tommy Brann.

Malowney pledges that she will absolutely not raise taxes, but instead prioritize government spending. Unlike Brann who said “I think it’s a dangerous pledge to sign,” she believes in libertarian principles of smaller government. She says these differences are why voters are getting behind the third party candidate.

“When I talk to voters about the need for a small, efficiently run government that focuses on our priorities first, they get it,” Malowney explains.

Malowney says she has knocked on thousands of doors and has support from both Republicans and Democrats. Women in the community relate with her. Tracy Cherry, who describes herself as a fellow hard-working single mother, says, “I see a lot of myself in Patty. We need someone with her passion and motivation.”

Ken Richards, a Wyoming supporter, believes Patty will make a difference in our community. He says, “Patty is the type of person that is willing to go beyond her boundaries to make a difference where others have failed.”

Malowney says her priorities are Michigan’s roads and schools but recognizes that Proposal 1 is an important issue for Michigan voters. For voters like Rick Jekel, Proposal 1 is his single issue. While he is not a marijuana smoker himself, he recognizes the need for marijuana legalization and says, “I can’t support a candidate who doesn’t publicly support Proposal 1.” Many voters share his sentiment.

Malowney says she is a passionate, freedom-loving mom, and believes her grassroots efforts will pay off in November.


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