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Justin Amash Urges Followers to Support Bernie Sanders’ Resolution to End U.S Involvement in the War in Yemen

On Monday, Libertarian Justin Amash urged his followers to support Bernie Sanders’ resolution to end U.S involvement in the war in Yemen. The Libertarian Party has also expressed its support for the resolution. The party has asked Libertarians to contact their Senators today to ask them to support this resolution to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen.


Contact your Senators!

Call 1-833STOPWAR

Tell @SenSchumer @SenJackReed@SenatorMenendez to stand with Bernie, Rand, @ChrisMurphyCT and innocent Yemenis — not with brutal Saudi ruler MBS! @playbookdc:— Just Foreign Policy (@justfp) December 13, 2022

The resolution calls for the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress. The introduction of this resolution is reflective of increasing public opposition to continuing U.S. military involvement in foreign conflicts where US interests are not directly involved.

Sanders previously sponsored a similar resolution to end U.S. involvement in Yemen in 2019, but it was vetoed by former President Donald Trump. The Libertarian Party and others called for Congress to override Trump’s veto, but U.S. participation in Yemen has continued.

The Libertarian Party has long been critical of the U.S. war in Yemen, which has led to thousands of civilian deaths and created a devastating humanitarian crisis. In an effort to finally end U.S. involvement in the conflict, libertarians have called for the support of Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution to end military participation in the conflict.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation, along with hundreds of other organizations, have also urged lawmakers to pass the resolution. They expressed their support for this resolution in a letter shared on their website last Wednesday.

“After seven years of direct and indirect involvement in the Yemen war, the United States must cease supplying weapons, spare parts, maintenance services, and logistical support to Saudi Arabia to ensure that there is no return of hostilities in Yemen and the conditions remain for the parties to achieve a lasting peace agreement,” the letter stated.

It’s time for U.S. involvement in Yemen to end! Libertarians are calling on their senators to support Sanders’ resolution and put an end to America’s role in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

The Libertarian Party is urging everyone to contact their senators today to ask them to support this resolution and help bring an end to the war in Yemen.

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