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How to Join the Libertarian Party of New Mexico

There is a lot of confusion right now for New Mexico Libertarians. There are two separate political parties in New Mexico calling themselves Libertarian. You can become a member of either party or both parties, depending on your own personal views.  This post will explain how to join the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

Why are there two Libertarian Parties in New Mexico? This is a result of internal division in the Libertarian Party that caused the former Libertarian Party of New Mexico to disaffiliate from the National Libertarian Party. 

A new Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico was recently formed, but they are still in the process of electing a permanent leadership team. They have an interim leadership team and will be electing leaders for the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico in Albuquerque on Saturday, March 4th, 2023.  I would like to make sure every Libertarian (both registered and not yet registered) knows about this convention and is able to participate.

About the Libertarian Party of New Mexico (which is part of the Association of Liberty States)

The Libertarian Party of New Mexico filed its articles of incorporation in 1972.  In 2016, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson ran as the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. He received 9 percent of the vote in New Mexico, making him the most successful Libertarian in the state and national party’s history. Because he received over 5 percent of the vote, this gave the Libertarian Party of New Mexico major party status, something that most states have not achieved.

The Libertarian Party of New Mexico is the officially recognized libertarian party in the state of New Mexico. They are the only ones who have ballot access in the state, and they can run libertarian candidates in NM and get them elected.

However, the LPNM (Libertarian Party of New Mexico) disaffiliated from the National Libertarian Party on August 25, 2022, and joined a group of states to form a new political party called the Association of Liberty States. 

Why join the LPNM (Libertarian Party of New New Mexico)?

The LPNM is the officially recognized Libertarian Party in New Mexico. They believe in the principles the Libertarian Party was founded on. They have disaffiliated from the National Libertarian Party due to conflicts with the National Party’s messaging and leadership. They agree with the principles that the Libertarian Party was founded on.  However, they feel the newly elected leadership has veered the party away from the principles of liberty that they subscribe to. 

The LPNM is part of a fledgling new political party, but in New Mexico, but this is the political party that has ballot access and can run candidates in New Mexico. 

How to join the LPNM

If you are interested in joining the LPNM, it’s easy. Visit their website and you can sign up to become a member here.

About the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM)

The Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico is the recognized state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party. After the Mises takeover of the LP, the New Mexico affiliate chose to disaffiliate from the National Party. National leadership agreed to recognize the disaffiliation of the LPNM and has supported and facilitated the chartering of a new state affiliate. This new affiliate is the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico or FLPNM.

The FLPNM is brand new and has an interim leadership team. But, they will be electing officers at our convention in March. At this point, the party does not have ballot access, but this is one of the objectives of the FLPNM. The founding leadership team consists of primarily Mises Caucus members but the team also includes at least one member of the former Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

The Mises Caucus plan for the Libertarian Party is to focus on a long-term strategy of running candidates in local races such as city council, school board, major, and judge They also have announced a plan for a Decentralized Revolution. Their “Take Human Action Tour” will recruit candidates and new members through a tour of 8 states around the country where they will host events and “expose a new generation to our libertarian heroes and thought-leaders through after-parties and comedy shows.”

Why join the FLPNM (Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico)?

The Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico is the officially recognized affiliate of the National Libertarian Party. If you would like to be part of the organization that nominates federal-level candidates and our Libertarian presidential candidate in 2024, you must be part of this affiliate. It is a new organization, but it is organized and growing quickly.  

I would like to run for a leadership position if I have the support of New Mexico Libertarians and do this with the utmost integrity and transparency. The FLPNM will be electing its leadership team on March 4th, 2023 in Albuquerque. If you would like to be part of the first convention, you must join the FLPNM by February 2, 2023, and meet the requirements to participate which include:

  • You must be a legal resident of New Mexic
  • You must sign a pledge certifying that you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals
  • You must provide your contact information
  • You must pay membership dues of $25 to be eligible to participate as a voting member at conventions.

How to join the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico

The newly formed Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico is just getting started but they already have new members joining regularly. You can join the FLPNM by visiting their website and joining here.

Why should you join the Libertarian Party at all – with so much division and conflict right now?

I am a member of both the LPNM and the FLPNM right now. I am saddened by the conflict and the division in the party here in New Mexico. I would like to be part of the team that brings New Mexico Libertarians together and sets the example for other states. We are capable of practicing our own Libertarian principles solving our own conflicts with the use of government force. 

The two political parties that are going by the name “Libertarian” Party have created confusion for New Mexico Libertarians and have not demonstrated what it takes to create a solid, functional political party. I would like to be part of changing that. I believe we deserve a transparent, honest leadership team that puts spreading the message of Liberty first. 

We have the best political platform and are in a position to grow the Libertarian party and liberty movement in New Mexico, but not by continuing the practice of gatekeeping and trying to prevent people from joining us or “taking over” our small party.

If you are a Libertarian or are thinking about joining the Libertarian Party, I assure you there are a lot of liberty-minded people joining the party right now. We have Mises members joining, liberty-minded and disaffected Republicans and Democrats joining, as well as members from the LPNM. We have an opportunity to create a big-tent party in New Mexico.

Let’s work on Liberty in our lifetime, New Mexico!

Since I moved to New Mexico, the Libertarian Party has had issues with communication.  They have not made it easy for everyone to find out when meetings, locations, and conventions are taking place.  This is something that I believe we need to improve on.  I am trying to use my website to make sure everyone is informed of when events are happening and how to participate. 

As a Libertarian Party member and New Mexico Libertarian, my goal is to help us become a powerful political force that conducts successful campaigns and uses effective marketing to promote the Liberty Movement in New Mexico.

We deserve a political party with principled leaders who have integrity and the best interest of New Mexico Libertarians in mind. 

I want us to have a united party where EVERYONE feels welcome and can participate. I am asking for your support in uniting New Mexico. If you would like to help me and receive notifications from me on what’s going on in New Mexico, please sign up for my newsletter hereThis is my personal email list and not affiliated with either state party. 

I am doing my best to provide people with information from both Liberty/Libertarian political parties.  

I am trying to get people together who would like to see us get back to having one united political party. This may take time, but I would like to be part of resolving the conflicts here in New Mexico.

In Liberty,

Patty Malowney

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