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Google searches for “third party candidates” caused Jo Jorgensen’s website to crash during last night’s debate

According to Libertarians, the answer to who won last night’s 2020 presidential debate was Jo Jorgensen. Who is Jo Jorgensen? Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate running for president. During last night’s debate, Jo Jorgensen’s website received so much traffic that her server was overloaded and crashed.  The surge in traffic was a result of google searches for third party candidates and Jo Jorgensen

Jorgensen supporters have been using the hashtag #Letherspeak all over Facebook and Twitter after Jorgensen was left out of last night’s debate.

Google searches for “third party candidates” and “Jo Jorgensen” spiked at around 8 pm on Tuesday night.

Google searches for third party candidates
Google searches for third party candidates

Searches for Jo Jorgensen

Google searches for Jo Jorgensen
Google searches for Jo Jorgensen

If you look at the data on Google Trends, you can see that voters tuning into last night’s debate were eager to find out who else was running. Searches for “third party candidates” spiked at around 8 pm last night. Both the Libertarian party and Green party’s presidential websites were hit hard with traffic causing their servers to crash.

Talk of Jorgensen’s website crashing spread fast across social media.  On Twitter and Facebook people were congratulating Donald Trump and Joe Biden for their terrible performance.

Jo Jorgensen crashed after train wreck debate

CNN’s Jack Tapper described the debate as “a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck“.  Because of Tapper’s comment and the train wreck of a debate, Google searches for “train wreck” were also up last night.

debate train wreck

All of this is great news for Jo Jorgensen.

If you would like to learn more about Libertarian candidate for president check out Jo Jorgensen’s website.



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