Chase Oliver, the Libertarian who forced a run-off in the Georgia Senate race

Chase Oliver, the Libertarian Who Forced A Run-Off in Georgia, Is Considering Presidential Run

The Libertarian who Rolling Stone has called “the most influential Libertarian in the US right now” is considering a presidential run. Chase Oliver made national news last month after causing a run-off in Georgia’s senate race against incumbent Raphael Warnock and former football player Herschel Walker.  On Friday, Chase announced that he was considering a presidential run.

At a time when the Libertarian Party has been inundated with negative publicity, Chase Oliver is a breath of fresh air. His vision, energy, and charisma are winning people over both inside and outside the party.  

The popular Libertarian tweeted to his followers in a pinned tweet, “So I am announcing today that I am exploring the 2024 Libertarian nomination for President. Join me on the campaign at and watch my announcement here.”

In a video announcement he released on Friday, he said “Not just Georgians, but all Americans deserve to be represented and politicians in both the other parties too often choose to ignore them instead. And why is this? Because the two-party system has made coalition building and cooperation a dirty word in American politics.”

Chase Oliver is the most talked about Libertarian in the Country Right Now

The Libertarian candidate in Georgia’s Senate race earned a lot of attention from voters and from the press. Libertarians are ecstatic about his results, but other political parties have called him a spoiler. When he was asked how he feels about this criticism, he told Reason: “You can’t spoil what’s already rotten.

If a candidate does not receive over 50 percent of the votes in Georgia, they will have to compete in a run-off election. Oliver explained,  “Both sides are currently blaming me for their candidate not getting over 50 percent, and not the fact that neither of their candidates could speak to over 50 percent of the electorate and get their votes.”

Oliver garnered 2 percent of the vote in Georgia. Over 81,000 Georgians voted for the Libertarian candidate who ran a small-budget grassroots campaign. Unlike other presidential hopefuls, Oliver is not talking about partisan ideology, the culture war, or simply trying to spread the message of liberty, he is speaking to the heart of Americans on issues that matter.  

With a pool of candidates like Trump, Biden, and Desantis, Oliver rises above the fray, with a message and a style that resonates with people. He discusses what voters are looking for — someone who understands what Americans are struggling with right now. He is a candidate that gets it!  Americans aren’t looking for more of the same or lip service, they want a candidate that understands the real-life issues they are facing.

Oliver explained to 11 Alive, “So long as we’re speaking a message that appeals to the voters, and we’re going to the voters where they are and we’re speaking a message that resonates with them, I think we’re going to see continued growth in the Libertarian Party.”

He says that “America needs a choice who understands both the realities of modern life and the challenges faced by a new generation who is both Dynamic enough to adapt to new conditions and energetic enough to bring Innovative change to Old institutions.”

How does Chase Oliver Compare to the Other Libertarian Hopefuls?

The Libertarian presidential race is on!  And, it looks like it might be one of the most competitive and exciting races in the party’s history. Stacked against potentials like former congressman Justin Amash and comedian Dave Smith, Chase OIiver stands out.  

His pro-choice stance contrasts with other Libertarians considering a 2024 presidential run. He says he is pro-choice on everything. “If I were in the United States Senate, I would be supporting the codification of Roe and Casey to make it federal law, he told Fox 5 Atlanta. “I believe in bodily autonomy, and ultimately I don’t believe it is my decision or the government’s decision how to tell women what to do with their body.” 

He campaigned on a platform that included:

  • Reforming our election process by using ranked-choice voting
  • Radically simplifying our immigration system to make it easier for people to come to America
  • Reducing regulatory burdens on small businesses so that they can compete against larger companies
  • Ending the failed war on drugs for good by descheduling cannabis federally
  • Termination of government’s abuses of privacy and liberty including warrantless wiretapping, FISA courts, and other abuses.

Would you like to see Chase Oliver as the Libertarian Presidential Nominee in 2024?

The Libertarian Party will hold its convention in 2024 where it will select the party’s nominee for president and vice president.  Chase Oliver could be competing against several other Libertarian hopefuls.  Do you think he would make a good choice for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate?  

The 2024 Libertarian presidential race is shaping up to be an exciting one. I am a fan of Justin Amash and a long-time supporter, but Chase Oliver has proven to be an excellent alternative. His ability to connect with the average voter makes him not just an awesome libertarian, but someone with real potential to win votes for the party. 

Chase Oliver could breathe new life into the disheartened Libertarian Party. I’d love to hear what you think about Chase Oliver’s announcement

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4 thoughts on “Chase Oliver, the Libertarian Who Forced A Run-Off in Georgia, Is Considering Presidential Run”

  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Yes! I resigned my National membership after the MC coup, but if he makes a serious run at the nomination, you bet I’ll work for him. (Heck, I’d even *date* him, but that’s a question for another website!!!)

    1. Patty for Liberty

      LOL I don’t think he’s available but I really like him too. I was impressed with his video. He’s intelligent and communicates the exact kind of message we need.

    2. To Patty of Liberty, I disagree on your comment that the Libertarian Party/Candidates received any Negative Publicity, heck we received No Publicity. I’m from the Kansas 3rd Congressional District and ran for the US House in 2016, 2020 and 2022. In 2022 I received National Publicity from MSNBC, Washington Free Beacon, and the Sunflower State Journal, both the Beacon and the Journal interviewed me. The unusual thing did LP Press ask for a statement? No!
      Ask for further Details.
      As For the Libertarian Party at the National Level we don’t have even 10% of the American voters and to make things worst LP doesn’t have a National Political Strategist. In the Past I’ve went back and forth with Nicolas Sawark in 2018, Ken Mollerson in 2020 and Cara Schulz in 2022 about 4,6, and 8 year plans to put a Libertarian in the White House and found them to be, except for Ken, Dumbfounded on the Process. To make things worse, if by chance we win the presidency in 2024 who would he choose for his Cabinet? How would he deal with a D and R Congress? It would be a disaster for the Country and Bad Stain for LP, because we had no Strategy.
      I’m open for comment.

      1. Patty for Liberty

        I agree with you on so much of what you’ve said. You’re right we haven’t had much publicity at all, but the coverage we have had hasn’t been good. NOt that this isn’t something new.

        And I wholeheartedly agree with you on the lack of strategy. I do marketing for a living and get so frustrated with how little anyone knows about marketing. Getting a ton of people following you because you post inflammatory stuff isn’t a good way to measure your success. I am not even sure anyone is looking at analytics to measure the results of their campaigns. And, I ran for state rep in 2018 and nobody knew anything about campaigning. I got more help from Democrats than the LP. I am putting my energy into Patty for Liberty for the next few years to try to grow the party. And, just doing what I can do.

        I do think Chase represents us well. He’s not an embarrassment. He’s intelligent and I like what he has to say. But, I completely hear what you’re saying.

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