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How to Join the Libertarian Party of New Mexico

There is a lot of confusion right now for New Mexico Libertarians. There are two separate political parties in New Mexico calling themselves Libertarian. You can become a member of either party or both parties, depending on your own personal views.  This post will explain how to join the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. Why

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nm minimum wage 2024 will increase what's in New Mexicans wallet

New Mexico Legislators want to Raise Minimum Wage to $16/hr

New Mexico recently raised the minimum wage, giving those earning $11.50/hr a .50 cent boost, to $12/hr. But lawmakers are pushing for an even bigger increase that could potentially raise the NM minimum wage in 2024 to an incredible $16/hour by 2024. This is because inflation is soaring across the country. Food prices are going

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