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Partisan Purity is No Longer Working: The Rise in RINOs, DINOs and LINOs

If you’re a Republican, you might enjoy an exciting hunt for a RINO. The elusive DINO might be harder to find, but that doesn’t mean they are extinct. If you’re in the Libertarian Party, however, there’s no real need to worry about hunting for LINOs. That’s because you’d be lucky to find “a real Libertarian” anywhere in

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millennial quiet quitting a job he hates

The Soft Life & Quiet Quitting: Is This America’s New Work Ethic?

Over the past few weeks, I have seen a backlash from libertarians over the left-leaning trends that have been dominating the news and social media lately regarding workplace dissatisfaction. The headlines have gone from “The Great Resignation”, to “Millennials want the Soft Life” to  “Why Gen Z is Quiet Quitting.”  How libertarians have responded to

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Libertarian solutions to the affordable housing crisis

The Affordable Housing Crisis Needs a Libertarian Solution

The U.S. is in an affordable housing crisis. To fix it, we need a libertarian solution. Right now, millions of Americans are struggling to afford rent, put gas in their car, and pay for basic living expenses. Acording to a report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, there are currently 20.8

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libertarian view on abortion and the Supreme Court decision

The Libertarian View on Abortion and What do I think?

Abortion is a controversial and emotional issue, and it has been for decades. When it comes to the Libertarian view on abortion, how we feel about abortion is incredibly unclear. I want to discuss my personal view on abortion and the Libertarian party’s stance on abortion — historically, and where we stand now. I want

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The Libertarian Party’s History on the issue of Abortion

The following is a list of the Libertarian Party’s history on abortion from its inception up until 2022. This information is sourced from LPedia, which is a good source for historical data and documents pertaining to the Libertarian Party. I took the pertinent sections regarding abortion from each platform so you could see how the

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Why I Support Shared Parenting in Michigan

On Wednesday, October 10, I am going to be in Lansing attending the Capitols for Kids event hosted by Americans for Equal Shared Parenting and AFESP Michigan.  I’d like to talk a little bit about why I support House Bill 4691, (Shared Parenting or 50/50 parenting).  I believe the goal of family court is to preserve

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