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#hashtagsforLiberty: Popular Libertarian hashtags

#hashtagsforLiberty: Popular Libertarian hashtags Thank you Libertarian friends for helping me with this list. Let’s spread liberty through our hashtags! If you would like to be added to this list please post on your own Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account with #hashtagsforLiberty and your hashtags. #goldrush #goldrush2018 #taxationistheft #libertyminded #livefree #riseoftheLibertarian #thatLibertarian #allyourfreedoms #legalizefreedom #thinkforyourself

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We Don’t Care About Safe Schools. We Care About Gun Control.

We Don’t Care About Safe Schools. We Care About Gun Control. I want to see Michigan be the safest and best place to educate your children in the country. Let’s think critically about what’s wrong with schools and why gun control and solving gun violence with more guns isn’t the solution. Everyone keeps talking about

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Kickoff Event was a Huge Success

Kickoff Event was a Huge Success Wyoming, MI – District residents and Libertarian party members alike gathered at Buffalo Wild Wings for the launch of the Patty for Liberty Campaign. As business woman and mother, the 77th district State house candidate laid out her unique ideas to be a breath of fresh air in Lansing,

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Kickoff Event February 27th

Please join Patty Malowney at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wyoming to help her kick off her campaign. This is a chance for you get to know her, ask questions, and get involved.  Check her event out on Facebook!

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Join My Campaign Team

Just want to post a quick update. I am currently working on getting my website up and running and building my campaign team. In order for me to have an effective campaign, I need to be organized, have a good strategy and a good team. I have told you a little about myself but not

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Please Follow My Campaign on Facebook

I could use all the support from my Libertarian friends that I can get. Here is a little about me that will soon be posted on my website This is just a small intro about me. My website will include more about me and issues I care about. Stay tuned… I am an editor

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