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Patty Malowney

Hi, I’m Patty Malowney. I am a New Mexico Libertarian!  I started writing content for Patty for Liberty in 2018, when I was running for office in Michigan. This was my second time running for a state representative position, but the first time I ran an active campaign where I knocked on doors, attended debates, and raised money. I learned a lot from that experience, and decided to use some of my skills and talents to grow the Libertarian Party.

I’d like to tell you a little about myself, my experience, and why I am not just a Libertarian in my talk, but in how I live my life. We need more people invested in the long-term growth of the Libertarian Party. We will never achieve the goals of liberty in our lifetime, if people don’t dig in, and get invested.

New Mexico Libertarian, Patty Malowney!

Year after year, people discover the philosophy of libertarianism and embrace it. But, most do not join or get actively involved in the Libertarian Party. The ones that do, generally leave the party within a year or two, never to return. The party has historically had issues with organization, qualified candidates, and cohesive and consistent messaging. This is something I want to change.

We can not just grow the “liberty movement.”  It is not enough to bring more people into the liberty-minded fold. If we don’t create a functional political party that can bring millions of people together in a united force to win elections, we will never have an actual impact on the size and scope of government.

My Story

I am a former homeschool parent and entrepreneur. I started my first business in 2004 with my sister, a website for moms called We started with a tiny investment. I was literally living on food stamps, and caring for three young children when I started JustMommies. I had $10 a month to invest in dial up internet services. My sister purchased a $40 garage sale computer for me that only had a two gig harddrive. But, what I lacked for in money, I made up for in motivation.

In 2008, my website for moms was a huge success, receiving over 3 million visitors a month and capturing the attention of investors. My life was changed forever when approached me to buy my website. I sold my business in 2008 to eHarmony. My family was proud of my accomplishments, and I was literally living the American Dream.

But then in 2014, my beautiful daughter began to have the same mental health struggles as I have had. I am very open about my life long struggle with bipolar disorder.  My daughter was extremely depressed, and I didn’t realize how serious the situation was. My daughter tried to commit suicide in 2014. This is an experience no parent would ever want to face.

Within a month, my five children were removed by Michigan’s Child Protective Services (CPS). They were placed in four different counties across the state. Some were placed three hours away, some six hours away. My children were not kept together, but instead separated. My daughter was placed in the worst behavioral health unit in Detroit and expected to get better all alone without her family.

If you have never had the experience of losing a family member or a close friend to suicide, you are fortunate. However, I believe most American families have experienced mental health issues of some sort. And my family may be much like yours. Over the course of two years, I lost everything I had worked for in my life. My marriage failed, my son was adopted in foster care, and my kids went through a hell that no child should ever have to experience

My children provide me with an incredible amount of emotional support as I try to advocate for changes in our CPS and foster care system. Our government is incredibly large, powerful, inefficient, and wastes money trying to fix problems that aren’t their problems to fix.

I believe that We The People know how to fix our marriages, our families, our kids, our schools, and our country. But, we will never accomplish this by fighting amongst each other and handing the responsibility of our future and our children’s future over to politicians who care more about winning elections than they care about our future.

Why I am a Libertarian

I became a Libertarian in 2008, a year when the Libertarian Party ran one of their weakest candidates, Bob Barr. I was politically uneducated and naive. I thought the Democrats were a good party and I was excited about the potential of seeing Hillary Clinton as president.

As I started reading and learning more, I compared the websites of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. I realized that Barack Obama’s website said almost exactly the same things as Hilary’s except he was offering more freebies. That’s when something clicked in my brain that should have clicked a lot sooner. The Democrats just want your vote. Their freebies aren’t really free and they don’t actually implement most of the things they advocate for. The more educated I have become, the more I understand that the Democratic Party is not really trying to help the poor, they are trying to keep them poor.

I considered the Republican party, but it didn’t align with my values, principles, and beliefs. I believe in a small government that has a limited role in people’s lives. The Republican party doesn’t. While some would argue that they have “liberty-minded” people in the party, when it comes to what the party does in actions, I would disagree.

If we want a truly free and prosperous country, that means downsizing our government. They need to stop regulating our personal lives, manipulating our economy, bailing out banks and businesses, and get out of the business of fixing other countries’ problems. And… this is the short list.

My Values

I am a Libertarian in my heart and in my soul. I am dedicated to growing the Libertarian Party. There has been a constant divide in the Libertarian Party between conservative libertarians, classical liberals, and anarchists in the party. In fact, Libertarians have more enemies than supporters. In other words, we have done more to make people dislike us than like us!

This is what I want to change. We cannot have an effective political party while pushing away more people than we bring in. We need millions of people to join us. Millions!!!

I believe that most people are tired of political pandering, tribalism, and fighting in our country. They are just as tired as you are of having two terrible choices to pick from every election cycle. And, many of them agree with Libertarians – the government spends too much money and spends too much time telling people how to live their lives.

I believe most Americans understand and agree with the concept of “live and let live”. The problem is that most people are not idealistically pure Libertarians. They believe we need some taxes, some government structure, and some government regulation. This is where Libertarians turn off voters.

My goal is to get people to understand that while we embrace the ideals of a smaller government, we also understand that it is going to take time to fix all of the damage caused by our government and politicians. This cannot be achieved by excluding anyone who isn’t libertarian enough or by purging those who we think are an embarrassment to the party. We have to address the fundamental issues with our party.

The criticism the Libertarian Party receives from outsiders is well-deserved. The Libertarian Party has a long history of embarrassing candidates and ineffective leadership. However, if we want to change the culture in the party, we should support and elect Libertarians that have good judgement, common sense, and aren’t going to quit after two years.

We won’t ever have a solid party if people aren’t invested. I am an invested Libertarian that is here for the long-haul. If we want people to join our party, we have to meet them where they’re at. I am an experienced content creator and search engine expert. I believe that I have the skills and talent to attract, recruit, and retain diverse individuals into our party through intelligent discussions and content.

New Mexico Libertarian!

My mission for Patty for Liberty and for my personal life, is to help grow the New Mexico Libertarian Party and spread Libertarianism into something we can all be proud of. I need your support to do this. If you like me, my message, and my style of sharing libertarianism, please help me by supporting Patty for Liberty.

What I need from you is simple, easy, and costs you nothing. Take two seconds and sign up for my newsletter. If you’re on social media follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, the biggest platform I am working on is YouTube. I need your help growing a following so that I can use my following and content to grow the Libertarian Party.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read more about me. I hope to turn Patty for Liberty into the largest and most successful political blog for liberty-minded people.

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