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2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidates

The 2024 Presidential race is a couple years away. It could be a pivotal election year for Libertarians — the moment when we finally make a mark in politics. But, will we?  Who are the 2024 Libertarian presidential candidates? Who else will run? Will Trump run again? And what about Joe Biden? We’re all wondering what will happen in 2024, but one thing’s for sure: 2024 is going to be an interesting presidential race.

What is a Libertarian?

Before I get into who our candidates are, let me explain what a Libertarian is. A lot of people have heard about Libertarians, but don’t know what Libertarians believe. So, what is a Libertarian?  That often depends on who you ask, but in my opinion, most people are libertarians or agree with much of the libertarian philosophy of “live and let live”. Libertarianism is a philosophy or belief system, not just a platform for a political party. You can be a libertarian without being in the Libertarian Party.

Libertarians believe in a small, fiscally conservative government. Libertarians are not anarchists (this is not to say that some aren’t). We believe in having laws and government, but that the scope and size of government should be limited. The role of the government should be limited to protecting people from harm and fraud – not arbitrary rules or rules that enforce a group’s cultural ideas.

Libertarians are generally conservative on fiscal issues and liberal on social issues. While you can be conservative in your own life, we don’t believe in trying to enforce anyone’s lifestyle, morals, or choices on others. We love diversity and believe that no one group should try to control the choices of others through laws or government.

Who are the 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidates?

There’s no doubt the 2024 presidential race is one we’re all anticipating. But, will the Libertarians have a great candidate this time, or will we have a lack-luster, no-name, or not-so-libertarian candidate? I will be updating this post as time unfolds but these are the candidates that we think might run in 2024.

Right now the Libertarian Party only has two presidential candidates confirmed. There will be more candidates for sure, as this race is definitely one that Libertarians could do well in. So, who’s running and who do we think our 2024 Libertarian presidential candidates will be?

Confirmed 2024 Candidates for the Libertarian Party

Mike ter Maat, Libertarian Presidential candidate for 2024

Mike ter Maat


Mike ter Maat is a pro-reform police officer and an economics professor who graduated with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He later went on to get his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from George Washington University.

In the 2021-22 election cycle, Mike ran as the Libertarian candidate in a special Congressional election in Florida’s District 20. He served as a police officer in Broward County from 2010-2021. Mike has worked in finance, economics, and education for banks, the White House, and other organizations. He started his own consulting business in 2002 where he provided professional education to bank executives. He ran this business until 2009.

Mike pledges to a Gold New Deal. He commits to the decentralization of authority and the power of our government. He has created a plan that includes ending the federal reserve, limiting government spending, and allowing states to have a constitutional option to remain in the Union for purposes of defense only.

Lars Marstead, 2024 Libertarian Presidential candidate

Lars Mapstead


Lars Mapstead is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party and an active Libertarian. Lars grew up on a farm, without electricity or indoor plumbing. Despite these challenges, he was able to found several successful internet companies. Now he spends his time in the Libertarian Party advocating for limited government and taxation.

He supports ranked-choice voting, cutting regulations, and term limits. He has a detailed plan to win an electoral vote for the Libertarian Party. He believes there is no better way for Libertarians to gain power than to be the deciding factor in the presidential vote.

Potential 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidates

Chase Oliver, Libertarian Candidate for President

Chase Oliver


Chase Oliver is the Libertarian candidate who disrupted the Georgia Senate race by forcing a run-off. He’s been called “the most influential Libertarian in the US right now” by Rolling Stones, and he’s just announced that he’s exploring the possibility of running as the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.

In a video he released on Friday, Oliver announced that he was forming an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian presidential nomination. He is a likely contender for the Libertarian nomination because of his ability to garner positive publicity and connect with ordinary voters.

Unlike other potential candidates, Chase Oliver is adamantly pro-choice when it comes to bodily autonomy, not just for vaccines, but on the issue of abortion. This could become a deciding factor for many Libertarians and voters in 2024.

He is charismatic, energetic, and speaks in a way that voters resonate with. With a small budget, he was able to garner 2 percent of the vote in Georgia. He was one of the most successful candidates during the 2022 election cycle, which earned him a lot of media attention. Could his appeal translate into the party nomination? Many of his fans think so.

Learn more about Chase Oliver by visiting his website, You can also follow him on Twitter to learn more about him. 

There are many potential candidates for the Libertarian nomination in 2024. Several Libertarian candidates have expressed interest in running, and many within the party would like to see them run. However, if they do decide to run they will need support from within the party to win the nomination. These are the three most talked about Libertarians. They hold a lot of promise in leading us to victory in 2024 if they decide to run.

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Justin Amash, potential 2024 Libertarian candidate for president
CC Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Justin Amash

Justin Amash, former congressman from Michigan, is one of the most popular Libertarians in the Libertarian party. In 2020, he formed an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. However, he decided shortly after launching the committee that 2020 wasn’t the right time for him to run.  Though many Libertarians want him to run, Amash has repeatedly told party members and the media that this isn’t on his radar right now.

In spite of this, many Libertarians are still hopeful he will run in 2024, myself included.  I believe he would consider running in the 2024 election if the timing made sense and he was in a position to run in a viable race. He expressed this sentiment to media outlets like USA Today saying, “I want to do what I can to work from the outside to change things because I’ve tried the inside and right now I can’t get much traction.” 

I don’t know if Justin Amash will run in 2024, but he is my ideal candidate. He has a strong sense of integrity and the ability to appeal to all types of people, including Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. With strong delegate and financial support from the Libertarian Party, I think he would be their best candidate.

Amash does not have a campaign website.  He is not officially running, but he hosts a podcast where you get to know him better.  You can listen to The Justin Amash Podcast here or follow him on Twitter to learn more about him.

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CC Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a New York stand-up comedian and libertarian commentator. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and many other popular media outlets. He’s known for his thought-provoking comedy and says he represents a new generation of pundits.  He is a well-liked member of the Mises Caucus and a rising star in the Libertarian Party. 

Smith has name recognition that is on par with Amash and is a first choice for many Mises Caucus members. Like many other Mises Caucus members, he became a Libertarian because of the Ron Paul movement. He likes Ron Paul because he challenged him to think differently about the government. He inspired him to read and learn more about liberty through authors like Rothbard, Mises, and Friedman.

He believes the Libertarian Party must fight harder against the tyranny of big tech monopolies which limit free speech and promote political correctness. He’s called overregulation of “misinformation” the “biggest threat to liberty.” He has also been an outspoken critic of Covid lockdowns and mask mandates.

Smith is appealing for a few reasons. One of them is that he attracts millennials with his charisma and humor. The millennial voter block may prove to be the deciding factor in the 2024 election. Although he has not stated publicly that he will seek the Libertarian nomination, he has said that it’s a possibility.  To learn more about Dave Smith, you can follow his podcast Part of the Problem, where he discusses current events, government and foreign policy.

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Spike Cohen, former Libertarian candidate for Vice President
CC Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Spike Cohen

Spike Cohen is a Libertarian activist and entrepreneur. In 2020, Spike Cohen was the running mate of Jo Jorgensen. He has a large social media following and is enthusiastically supported by nearly all Libertarians. He has not expressed an interest in running for president yet, but many in the party believe he would be the best choice.  

There is a strong case for Spike Cohen as the Libertarian presidential candidate if he chooses to run. He is well-liked. He has an active presence in the media and can commit to campaigning full-time. He also has a background in web design and marketing. 

Cohen started his web design company when he was still a teenager and retired from it in 2017. He now travels the country training Libertarians on how to run their campaigns and promotes a positive and principled message of libertarianism on social media, YouTube, and media appearances.  He is what we Libertarians call a home-grown Libertarian, without the baggage of coming from the Republican or Democrat party.

Although it’s not clear if Cohen would even consider the nomination, he would be supported by most Libertarians if he was selected. Spike currently co-owns a news and entertainment company called Muddied Waters Media. You can also find him on YouTube at You Are the Power. Like most Libertarians, Spike is committed to working towards the party’s goal of “a world set free in our lifetime.”

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian from New York

Larry Sharpe is a former marine and popular Libertarian from New York. He has not publicly stated any intention to run as a Libertarian presidential candidate in 2024. However, he has a lot of supporters in the Libertarian community who would support him if he decided to run as our Libertarian presidential nominee.

Sharpe is a successful entrepreneur who started and sold a trucking and distribution business. He’s also been a leadership coach who has helped other entrepreneurs, executives, and companies to develop stronger leadership and team-building skills. He’s been a guest instructor at universities including Yale and Columbia University.

He is highly respected in the Libertarian community for his grassroots campaigning and activism. As a Libertarian,he ran for governor of New York in 2018 and 2022. He was also a candidate for the Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination in 2022. 

At this point, he hasn’t mentioned anything about running as a presidential candidate in 2024. While it seems unlikely to me that he is interested in this role right now, I think anything is possible between now and our 2024 convention.

You can learn more about Larry Sharpe at

Tulsi Gabbard

CC Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard appears to be preparing for a run for president. She hasn’t announced anything, but her recent departure from the Democrat party and subsequent campaigning for MAGA Republicans certainly hinted at a presidential run in 2024.

She’s also launched her own YouTube channel, The Tulsi Gabbard Show, which already has thousands of subscribers. As I mentioned in my video about her, YouTube is the largest social media platform for young voters. 

I think she is keenly aware of the demographics she needs to win an election. This is also why I believe she’s targeted MAGA Republicans. She and Trump may both appeal to the same group of voters — voters who are fed up with politics as usual. Even with Trump announcing his own run for president, aligning with his base may help her if she decides to run herself.

She is well-liked by many Libertarians. On her show, she spoke with Ron Paul, a prominent figure in the Libertarian community. The two discussed civil liberties and how they are under attack in the U.S. She also changed her views on the second amendment. It looks like she is realigning her political views to attract a wider base of voters, including Libertarians.

At this point, it is unlikely that she will run as a Libertarian. It appears she is trying to win over Republican voters. Still, she isn’t a Republican and has views that don’t fit into any of the major parties. This is why some think she will run as an independent or third-party candidate and possibly as a Libertarian.

Can a Libertarian Candidate Win?

Historically, the Libertarian Party has not performed well in presidential races. In 2016, the party had its best showing ever with candidate Gary Johnson. Although he only received 3.3 percent of the vote nationally, this was a record-setting campaign for the party.

In the United States, many people are unhappy with the two-party system.  Pew reports that almost half of younger adults wish they had more parties to choose from.  This is most felt by millennials, who will have the biggest impact on the next election.  With many young adults unhappy with how Biden has handled the economy, this could be the right time for a strong Libertarian presidential candidate to enter the race as an alternative.

We know that many in the U.S. are dissatisfied with the two-party system.  Pew Research reports that nearly half of younger adults wish they had more parties to choose from. This discontent is most felt by millennials, who will have the biggest impact on the next election.  With many young adults unhappy with how Biden is handling the economy, this could be the right time for a third party to shake up the presidential race.

Libertarians have reason to be optimistic in 2024. But, with the events currently taking place in the Libertarian Party, it’s hard to say if any candidate will have the funding or ballot access needed to win. It is now more important than ever for Libertarians to be engaged and active in their state parties. 

How can you get your favorite Libertarian candidate on the ballot?

In 2024, Libertarians will hold a convention to select the presidential and vice presidential candidates. The convention will be held in Washington, DC. To serve as a delegate at the national convention, you must be selected by your state party to represent your state as a delegate at National.

If you are not involved in the Libertarian Party, I hope you will get involved. If you are new to politics, I strongly encourage you to join my Facebook group, Patty’s American Integrity and Liberty Group. We are a group of friendly people from all over the country. My goal is to help you learn about libertarianism and connect with like-minded, principled, positive people.

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2 thoughts on “2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidates”

  1. I hope that the Libertarian Party will choose a 2024 Presidential candidate that has the experience and gravitas to be competitive in the election. If Mr. Amash isn’t available, please choose someone with equivalent relevant background and experience. Running candidates like college professors and comedians with little executive, leadership, or political experience announces to the world: “We are a fringe party and don’t believe we can win.”

    1. Patty for Liberty

      I could not agree with you more. Right now the Libertarian Party has had a shift in leadership and I am concerned about who we will end up with. I have been working on hard on growing my community so maybe we can have some delegates to support Justin Amash. He is my preferred candidate and honestly I feel like if we don’t get him to run in 2023, we may lose his energy. I am going to add a couple other people to this list that have been suggested, but they don’t seem likely or any better than the options already listed.

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