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2024 Election

Follow Patty for Liberty for 2024 Election News. Want to know more about the Libertarian candidates? I will be sharing information on all the Libertarian candidates running in the 2024 Elections. As well as other 2024 election news.  

The 2024 Presidential race is a couple years away. It could be a pivotal election year for Libertarians — the moment when we finally make a mark in politics. But, will we? Who are the 2024 Libertarian presidential candidates?

2024 Election News

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Trump vs Desantis battle could help libertarians

As we approach 2024, the Trump vs DeSantis battle is raging in the GOP. It’s a roller coaster ride that has resulted

Jo Jorgensen former Libertarian Presidential Candidate

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, many Libertarians are wondering if Jo Jorgensen, the party’s 2020 candidate, will be running again.

Chase Oliver, the Libertarian who forced a run-off in the Georgia Senate race

The Libertarian who Rolling Stone has called “the most influential Libertarian in the US right now” is considering a presidential run. Chase


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