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I am a sensible moderate Libertarian.  I want to spread the message of Libertarianism to reasonable, moderate and centrist voters like me.  My mission is to spread the concept of  Libertarianism in a positive, peaceful way. Our country has become more and more divided. Even within the Liberty movement we are divided. Libertarianism is a solution that works for everyone. It’s a concept that goes beyond political parties.

I hope to see us being friendlier to each other, working together more, and coming together, instead of playing tug of war with culture and ideology. While there are no perfect solutions, libertarianism is about individual freedom, responsibility, and finding peaceful solutions without using government force.

Let's End the two party system that divides us

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Smaller Government
More Freedom

Less Fighting, More Cooperation

What's a Libertarian?

In 2018, when I ran for office, I knocked on a lot of doors. I was surprised by how many people had no idea what a Libertarian was. Most people only knew about the positions of the two major parties.

Rather than try to understand what it means to be a Libertarian, most just tried to determine if I was more of a Republican or a Democrat. Did I lean to the left or the right?

The idea that someone could subscribe to a political philosophy that is neither Republican nor Democrat was a completely foreign idea and difficult for non-libertarians to get.

What I discovered by talking to people, both during my campaign and in ordinary conversations, is that libertarianism is completely misunderstood by most people. Even people who call themselves libertarians don’t know what a Libertarian is.

About Patty

Moderate Libertarian Patty Malowney

Hi, I am Patty Malowney. I am a moderate Libertarian, entrepreneur and blogger.  I started Patty for Liberty in 2018 when I ran for State Representative in Michigan. Since then, I have continued being active in the Libertarian community.

This blog is my way of spreading liberty in a positive, peaceful, and kind way. There is too much hostility in our political process. The two party system divides us.

The Libertarian party has many faces to it, and each of us spread the message in our own way. I am a Libertarian because I believe that people are happiest when they can make their own choices, when the government isn’t in the business of choosing things for us.
What made me interested in the Libertarian party and philosophy was the concept of “live and let live”. This is Libertarianism in its simplest terms.

If you are tired of the division in our country and would like to see productive civil discourse that makes our country better (united and not divided), please take a look at the Libertarian party. Follow me here on my Libertarian blog — Patty for Liberty — where I spread libertarianism in the best way I can.

Patty's Libertarian Blog

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