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I am Patty Malowney, a Libertarian political blogger, entrepreneur, and YouTuber.  I want to spread the message of libertarianism to people like me who are looking for integrity and principles no longer found in today’s nasty world of politics. 

My mission is to spread the gospel of  liberty in a positive, peaceful way. Our country has become more and more divided. Even within the Liberty movement, we are divided. Libertarianism is a solution that works for everyone. It’s a belief system that goes beyond political parties.

I hope to see us being friendlier to each other, working together more, and coming together, instead of playing tug of war with culture and ideology. While there are no perfect solutions, libertarianism is about individual freedom, responsibility, and finding peaceful solutions without using government force.

In 2018, when I ran for office, I knocked on a lot of doors. I was surprised by how many people had no idea what a Libertarian was. Most people only knew about the positions of the two major parties.

Rather than try to understand what it means to be a Libertarian, most just tried to determine if I was more of a Republican or a Democrat. Did I lean to the left or the right?

The idea that someone could subscribe to a political philosophy that is neither Republican nor Democrat was a completely foreign idea and difficult for non-libertarians to get.

What I discovered by talking to people, both during my campaign and in ordinary conversations, is that libertarianism is completely misunderstood by most people. Even people who call themselves libertarians don’t know what a Libertarian is.

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Our country is in desperate need of integrity and liberty. Please subscribe to my Libertarian YouTube Channel to help me reach more people.  I try to create new videos regularly. If you have any topics you’d like to see me talk about, drop me a message at

Patty talks about Libertarian Marc Victor who was running in Arizona’s senate race. He recently dropped out of the race and endorsed his opponent Blake Masters.

Patty talks about Tulsi Gabbard and why she thinks she could become the next Donald Trump. What do these two have in common and why is she trying to win over Republicans and Libertarians?

Patty talks about the factions in all the major political parties. Do you have RINOs, DINOs or LINOs in your party? Factionalism is not just affecting our political parties, it’s affecting every area of our lives.

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